Willow Oaks 10 and Under Tournament Results

Willow Oaks 10 and Under Tournament Results

Players came from all over the Mid-Atlantic Section to compete in the Willow Oaks 10 and Under L3 and L5 Championships. Results and pictures are below.
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Girls 10s- L3
Finalist: Kirby Westerfield
Conso Winner: Raine Weis

Boys 10s- L3
Winner: Damien Sancilio
Finalist: Chase Robinson
Conso Winner: Nick Reynolds
Conso Finalist: Will Thompson

Boys 10s- L5
Winner: Andrew Kim
Finalist: Manoli Loupassi
Consolation Winner: Tyler Brand
Consolation Finalist: Ryan Bumbalo

Girls 10s- L5
Winner: Elise Williamson
Finalist: Sruthi Vegunta
3rd Place: Mia Robinson
Consolation Winner: Lily Caldwell

Co-ed 8s
Winner: Viktor Vaniakin
3rd Place: Konrad Katlaps
4th Place: McKinley Thompson