Teachers Prepare for Young Aces Open

Teachers Prepare for Young Aces Open

There are 26 Richmond City schools that participate in a program at VCU’s Mary & Frances Youth Center each spring, called Young Aces Open. On April 23rd, 2014 Young Aces Open will have the 5th year Anniversary of the largest Play Day in the nation.  To prepare for this event, the United States Tennis Association held a training workshop on April 4th, 2014 to refresh all Elementary PE teachers in the Richmond City School system of fun, innovative ways to get kids of all ages playing tennis.

There were 18 different Richmond City schools represented at this training seminar. Shannon Scarvey, the Community Tennis Coordinator for the USTA, led the energetic, interactive tennis training workshop. The Richmond Tennis Association provided tennis equipment for each of the schools that had a representative at the workshop.

The training was held at Linwood Holton Elementary School, where Cordell Watkiins is the PE teacher and actively teaches tennis as part of his yearly curriculum. Linwood Holton also has a Kid’s tennis Club, led by James Skinner, with around 40 kids that meet weekly. Mr. Skinner is extremely dedicated to getting his kids involved with tennis and even held a Play Day on Saturday, April 5th to help get his kids ready for the Young Aces Open.

Richmond is a city rich with tennis history. The partnership between the Richmond Tennis Association and the United States Tennis Association to continue to get more kids involved in tennis at a young age is simply priceless.

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