RJTC Brings A Family Together

By Shima Grover

RJTC Brings A Family Together

RJTC Family-Faraci

Steve Faraci was a golfer, but he gave up golf when he and his wife, Kate, had their first born, Matthew.  Steve felt that he could not justify the time that golf demands when he and Kate started taking care of a baby.  Steve still needed a physical activity and took up tennis.  Little did he know how significantly his switch from golf to tennis would impact and influence his family.

Steve loved tennis so much that he convinced Kate to learn the sport as well.  He was delighted when their sons, Matthew and George, also began to play tennis.  Matthew has not only learned to play, but he has became a passionate tennis fan.  He watches tennis on television and volunteered, along with Kate, to be a ball runner at the Midlothian Athletic Club Wheelchair Tennis Championships, an RTA event.  Matthew would proudly hold his hands high to show the players how many balls he had under his control, having learned the ways of ball runners from watching grand slam events on television.  MAC Wheelchair Tennis Championship competitors appreciated Matthew and admired his professionalism.

Matthew is a fierce competitor and participates in Richmond Junior Tennis Circuit Saturday events.  Saturdays find Matthew playing in RJTC 10U division events although he is only seven years old.  Steve, Kate, and George, Matthew’s younger brother, were on hand at Avalon Recreation Association to cheer for Matthew at a recent RJTC competition.  Matthew lost in a tiebreak in the semi-final, but the family had a championship class family outing