McDonald’s RJTC 2019 Masters Results

The Richmond Junior Tennis Circuit held it’s Masters Tournament on Aug. 18 at CCV.  The Masters is a tournament where the top 8 players in each age group are invited to a single elimination tournament to determine the winner of the Richmond Junior Circuit.

Girls 10s
Winner: Polina Popel
Finalist: Cadence Cunningham
Boys 10s
Winner: Dhilan Tak
Finalist: Brett Taylor
Girls 12s
Winner: Evie Wells Nowery
Finalist: Irene Kang
Boys 12s
Winner: Barrett Atwell
Finalist: Kessler Hedblom
Girls 14s
Winner: Lucy Rowe
Finalist: Esha Kidambi
Boys 14s
Winner: Alex Percy
Finalist: Jamison Wallace