Davis Got Boost from Kids in Winning 3.5 City Title

Davis Got Boost from Kids in Winning 3.5 City Title

Dede Davis need

s some time to loosen up  before she plays tennis, so she got some assistance from her children in winning the women’s 3.5 division of the Davenport City Rated Championships on Saturday at Byrd Park.

Both Wil, 9, and Emmie, 7,  helped Davis warm up before she  began play in the round-robin portion of the final event of the year in the Davenport-sponsored city tournament.

They must have done a good job because Davis advanced to the one-set final, where she cruised past Daniela “Dany” Otto 6-1.

“My son, he can beat me,” Davis said of Wil. “He’s a good player, a good athlete. He’s very competitive. He said, ‘You better win, Mommy! Do you feel nervous?’ I said, ‘Don’t talk about it!’ It usually takes me a long time to warm up, so they really helped me.”

Rated 3.5 ladiesDavis went unbeaten (4-0) in the round-robin, including a 6-3 decision over Otto.

“When I beat her first, I thought how lucky I was to win,” said Davis, 46, who plays out of Willow Oaks Country Club. “But she’s younger and I was getting a little tired. I just lucked out. My feet were feeling kind of numb.”

Otto had gone 3-1 in the round-robin but had trouble keeping the ball in play after winning the opening game vs. Davis.

“I think it was just a lack of energy,” said Otto, 40, a technical advisor for Hauni Richmond, a German-based technical and consultancy service supplier to the cigarette industry located in Henrico County. “Usually, I need one set to warm up with a person so it was still like practice to me.”

Meanwhile, the men’s 3.0 division featured one of the most diverse finals in the history of the city tournament.

Quang “Jimmy” Nguyen, whose parents are Vietnamese, and Johnrick Pagaduan, the son of Filipino parents, battled it out for first place, with Nguyen claiming a 6-2 victory. They had not met in the round-robin.

Pagaduan, who was born in Hawaii and grew up in Virginia Beach before recently moving to Henrico County, had trouble serving in the final. He went for it on both his first and second serves and wound up with five double faults.

“The entire tournament, I was just punching it in,” said Pagaduan, who never held his serve in four tries. “I said, ‘You know what. This is the championship. I need a workout.’ But my shots were off. The last time I played this much was in ’09 in mixed doubles with my Mom.

“It’s been a long time. I just found this random tournament [online] at richmondtennis.org and said, ‘I think I’ll sign up for this before I turn 30 [on Sunday].’ So, not too bad after four years of not doing anything besides studying for college.”

Pagaduan is beginning his final year of pharmacy school at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Oakwood, Va.

Nguyen, 22, is also in school, having started his senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he is studying forensic biology. Nguyen, who was 4-0 in the round-robin, played No. 1 singles for Meadowbrook High School.

Neither player held serve during the first four games, then Nguyen held twice at love and broke Pagaduan easily twice toDSCN2689 win it. Pagaduan tried to take the net but Nguyen either lobbed over him or passed him.

“I usually don’t lob like that,” said Nguyen, who plays league tennis with the Belmont Recreation Club Bombers. “Normally I’m a pretty good crosscourt hitter and passer. I like a lot of pace. I think [Pagaduan] gave me the most pace of anyone.”

Afterward, Nguyen said he could have played at least another set, although none was needed.

“I’m not tired,” he said. “I work out five days a week.”

The rated tournament, which attracted 45 entries (largest in years), used no-ad scoring in the round-robin phase and regular scoring in the finals. In order to conduct the tournament in one day, one set was played instead of the normal best-of-three.


Men’s 3.0 – Quang “Jimmy” Nguyen d. Johnrick Pagaduan 6-2

Men’s 3.5 – Yalier “Rico” Fuster d. Chris Gillam 6-4

Men’s 4.0 – Mouhamed Gueye d. Tom Bryan 6-3

Men’s 4.5 – Wayne Motley d. Dan Friend 6-4

Women’s 3.0 – Jenny Orr d. Heather Barber 6-1

Women’s 3.5 – Dede Davis d. Daniela “Dany” Otto 6-1

Women’s 4.0 – Macon Rogers d. Christina Shifflett walkover

Women’s 4.5 – Maureen “Mo” Blackwood won by default