Natures’ Fireworks at the August Battery Park Junior Open

By Shima Grover

Natures’ Fireworks at the August Battery Park Junior Open

Three months ago the May Battery Park Junior Open was visited by a monsoon-like all day rain on opening day that forced the cancellation of consolation brackets.  The August Battery Park Junior Open finished this past weekend without canceling a single division or match, but thunder and lightning approaching from the north added excitement to the on court fireworks.

Saturday matches started without delay and progressed smoothly until early afternoon.  Dark clouds threatened and a deluge was preceded by thunder and lightning.  The presence of downed trees from recent previous storms near Courts 1 and 10 served as a reminder of the potential danger of straight line winds that often accompany thunderstorms.

The courts were cleared at the first sound of thunder, and players quickly reported to the tournament desk.  The decision was made to suspend play for the day for safety’s sake and resume the matches in progress on Sunday morning.  Sunday’s matches were rescheduled with a 90 minute delay to allow completion of matches in progress.

Players, family and friends who fled the park on Saturday before the downpour returned to the courts on Sunday under a cloudy but friendly sky to complete the tournament.

The Battery Park Junior Open Series is a joint project of the Richmond Tennis Association and the City of Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities.

Congratulations to all players for good sportsmanship exhibited and great tennis.

Boys 18 L4 Main draw

Boys 18 L4 Consolation

Boys 14 L5 Round robin

Boys 14 L4 Main draw

Boys 14 L4 Consolation

Boys 12 L5 Main draw

Boys 12 L5 Consolation

Girls 18 L5 Round robin

Girls 16 L5 Main draw

Girls 16 L5 Consolation

Girls 14 L5 Round robin

Girls 14 L4 Main draw

Girls 14 L4 Consolation

Girls 12 L5 Round robin

Girls 10 L5 Round robin

Champion:  Jake Weber

Champion:  Jonathan Hartson

Champion:  Rishi Shankar

Champion:  Siddharth Pande

Champion:  James Long

Champion:  George Smith

Champion:  Eric McDaniel

Champion:  Anne Miller

Champion:  Kinsey Donovan

Champion:  Sarah Blackburn

Champion:  Jessica Marks

Champion:  Sarah Fuhr

Champion: Alyssa McDaniel

Champion:  Sahithi Vegunta

Champion:  Sia Chaudry

Finalist:  Rahul Jilakara

Finalist:  Shashwat Pande

Runner up: Alexander Knorpp

Finalist:  Kishu Chaudry

Finalist:  Spencer Steward

Finalist:  Ben McCormack

Finalist:  Trevor Maiese

Runner up: Teresa Alvarez Moreno

Finalist:  Lindsay White

Finalist:  Emerald Flemming

Runner up:  Cierra Turner

Finalist:  Emme Levenson

Finalist:  Mary Crawford

Runner up: Keely Seward

Runner up: Nayla Turpin