McDonald’s RJTC Standings

McDonald’s RJTC Standings

Congratulations to all the juniors who finished in the top 8 in your respective divisions.  You will be invited to the Richmond Junior Circuit Masters tournament held on August 20, 2016 at CCV.  It was incorrectly listed on the entry form but was corrected a couple weeks ago so hopefully everyone got the message.  I will be contacting you shortly to invite you to the Masters tournament.  It is not sanctioned and will NOT count towards any USTA points or standings.  It is simply a way to provide a year-end championship to our circuit.  It is a single elimination tournament (except for the 8s) as it is for the top 8 in each division.  In the event of a tie for the 8th spot, all players in that spot will be invited.  If one or some of the top 8 cannot play in the tournament, then I will invite the next player in line in the standings.  The fee is $20 made payable to the ARTP.  If you have any questions concerning the Masters, feel free to call me at The Dominion Club, 360-0398.  Thank you!

More information about this series of tournaments can be found here.

McDonald’s RJTC Final Standings 2016

McDonald’s RJTC Standings 8-3-2016

McDonalds RJTC Standings 7-27-2016

McDonalds RJTC Standings 7-18-2016

McDonalds RJTC Standings 6-30-2016

McDonalds RJTC Standings 6-22-2016

McDonalds RJTC Standings 6-8-2016

McDonalds RJTC Standings 5-11-2016

*The Masters Tournament is August 20, 2016 at CCV

**If you see any corrections or have questions please contact Joe Cappellino at jcappellino@heritagegolfgroup.comcom.