MAC Wheelchair Tennis Open

May 18-20 at MAC

MAC Wheelchair Tennis Open

The Midlothian Athletic Club Wheelchair Tennis Open is only one event in the Richmond Tennis Association wheelchair tennis program.

The RTA, in partnership with Sportable, offers an introductory wheelchair tennis program as well as a weekly program called Rolling Aces that is designed to develop playing skills.

Of the 17 players registered for the tournament so far, five of them are Rolling Aces. In addition, players from as far away as Missouri are coming to play.

A player who played on the world champion U.S. Junior Team will also be participating.

Come and cheer for run/roll teams on Friday, May 18th6-9 pm at Mercedes-Benz Run/Roll Team Challenge.

Watch the tournament on Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th.

All actions will be at the Midlothian Athletic Club 10800 Center View Drive, Midlothian, VA 23235. Admission is free.

*Still in need of ball kids for this tournament! Sign up here to volunteer