Local Junior Team Tennis Teams Headed to Sectionals

Local Junior Team Tennis Teams Headed to Sectionals

Nine Richmond area Junior Team Tennis teams are competing in the Sectional Tournament July 30-31 in Virginia Beach. These teams have played throughout the spring in the Richmond area league and in the Virginia Regional Championships earlier this summer to earn a spot at the Sectional Tournament. Good luck to all the teams!

The following teams are representing Richmond:

Burkwood 10u Intermediate- captained by Jenny Cole
Hermitage 10u Intermediate- captained by Jill Ascari
Burkwood 12u Intermediate- captained by Faisal Saeed
ACAC 14u Intermediate- captained by Kathy Guerette
Raintree 14u Intermediate- captained by Suzanne Monroe
Hanover Hawks 18u Intermediate- captained by Jenny Cole
Westwood Aces 18u Intermediate- captained by Chuck Wandling
Tuckahoe Rebels 18u Intermediate- captained by Mike Fuqua
Tuckahoe Raptors 18u Advanced- captained by Mike Fuqua

Hermitage 10U all

Hermitage 10u Team

Tuckahoe Rebels

Tuckahoe Rebels- Matthew Cook, Jeremy Curtis, Jacob Webb, Tyson Scherer, Andrew Angel, Phillip Andrews, Jessica Wen, Emily Bowerman, Sophia Deep, and Ashleigh Hannah

ACAC 14 Int

ACAC 14 Intermediate- Tiberius Collina, Graham Guerette, Reid Maher, Zain Quader, William Rose, Abby Joyce, Marielle Medellin, Ivory Tang, Caroline Zierenberg (not pictured: Graham Guerette and Reid Maher)

Westwood Aces

Westwood Aces- Abby Jenkins, Emily Wandling, Alexandra Smyth, Gracie Caplice, Wil Venitz, Alston Hackney, Thomas Jackson, Dorsey Ducharme, William Westerfield

Tuckahoe Raptors

Tuckahoe Raptors- Morgan Fuqua, Mikayla Cunney, Catherine Gulihur, Joseph brown, David Sun, and Nathan Zhao