World Team Tennis Recreational Leagues
Co-ed teams compete in six sets of tennis- men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and 2 mixed doubles. The format also includes no-ad scoring, substitutions, on-court coaching, and no lets on serves. Levels offered are 3.0-4.5 and Open. Get more information here.

Virginia Tennis Association Tennis Leagues

Richmond Suburban Ladies Tennis League

Richmond Tennis Leagues Webpage

RVA Tennis League Players
If you are a 65 or over man, 55 or over player or player between the ages of 18-39, please check this website for a league specific to your age group. This website also includes information on the Singles and Tri-Level Leagues for ages 18 & over.
RVA Tennis League Players

Richmond Racquet League

Round Robins Tennis League
This is an adult round robin league designed to bring together players of all calibers and to accommodate busy schedules. This league was created with fun in mind so players are not required to have a United States Tennis Association membership. Round Robins Tennis allows players the opportunity to enjoy the life-long sport of tennis without all of the restrictions that typically accompany highly competitive leagues. Players will have access to the beautiful Collegiate School- Robins Campus facility, boasting 13 hard courts. Round Robins Tennis League