2018 Keith Mumford Memorial Doubles Tournament

2018 Keith Mumford Memorial Doubles Tournament

By Lily Horsley

RICHMOND– The ninth annual Keith Mumford Memorial Doubles Tournament took place last Saturday at the Country Club of Virginia.

The tournament honors Keith Mumford, a Richmond native who died in 2009 from an infection after hospitalization for a heart attack. Mumford played for St. Christopher’s School before walking on to the varsity team at Vanderbilt University.

This year’s event attracted 128 participants, making it the second-largest draw since the first tournament in 2010.

CCV Pro Mason Davis-Wright said it was special that Keith’s children, Sally and Mizzy, could play this year.

“We are all here to celebrate Keith, and I’m sure he was looking down smiling, watching his girls carry on his love for tennis,” Davis-Wright said.

For the first time in tournament history, match play was moved indoors due to rain. The format was shortened to one six-game set with no-ad scoring.

Davis-Wright said she was happy they didn’t have to cancel the tournament because of the weather. She said the indoor location attracted more spectators and allowed players to interact off the court.

“The atmosphere was better in some ways due to a large number of participants in such a small space,” Davis-Wright said.

CCV Pro Hunter Koontz said he was impressed with the indoor turnout.

“I think moving it indoors actually created an environment more conducive to cheering and match-watching,” Koontz said. “There were people who stayed from the morning all the way through the end.”

Koontz said it was special to see people gather and play in honor of Mumford.

“Richmond tennis is such an amazing community, and that really shows at an event like this,” Koontz said. Even with the rain, players came with a positive attitude.”

Koontz said he is hopeful that the event will continue to grow every year.

Men’s 50s Champion: Walton Makepeace/Bryan Bostic. Finalists: Chris Blair/Greg Williams.

Men’s 3.5s Champion: Dennis Dodson/Keith Harvey

Men’s 3.5s Finalist: Roy Anise/Scott Elles

Women’s 3.5s Champion: Donna Moody/Debra Carter. Finalist: Kristin Mullins/Didi Bowers.

Men’s 4.0 Champion: Holland Gravely/Brett Sinsabaugh.

Men’s 4.0 Finalist: Art Dornik/Paul Dillard

Women’s 4.0 Champion: Courtney Harper/Alison Avery.

Women’s 4.0 Finalist: Suzanne Morris/Kathy Bor.

Men’s 4.5 Champions: Lugan Gruhl/Brandon Wozniczka. Finalists: Cary Brooks/Randy Biltz.

Women’s 4.5 Champions: Christina Shifflett/Courtney Greiner. Finalists: Cary Moore/Shawnte Woodson.

Women’s Open Champions: Sheela Damle/Leah Doise. Finalists: Lucy Davis/Mason Davis Wright.

Men’s Open Champions: Matt Hane/Rob Oakes. Finalists: Daniel Emirzian/Hunter Koontz