Ways to Play

Play Days

Play Days are designed to give kids additional court time in a fun, low pressure, non-elimination setting where they can continue to develop and enhance their skills. For both novices and more experienced players, Play Days are a welcoming and fun way for kids to experience the social and competitive aspects of tennis.

Tennis Festivals

Tennis Festivals are free events that provide an exciting and entertaining opportunity for kids to experience what tennis can offer. They offer a variety of kids tennis activities, interactive games and contests that appeal to a wide range of ages and skill levels. In addition to introducing tennis to the kids and teaching them about the game, Tennis Festivals offer parents the opportunity to learn how to get their kids involved in a local program.

Kid’s Tennis Clubs

A Kid’s Tennis Club is a program anyone can start that allows kids to sample tennis through supervised play and interactive Westover Hills Kid's Tennis Club dance 018activities. These “clubs” offer kids the opportunity to have fun, gain confidence and meet new friends, all while enhancing their social and physical development. You can also earn equipment for your area school by starting a KTC. To start a Kid’s Tennis Club or for more information, please contact Lila LaCroix.


USTA Junior Tournaments are a great way for kids to enjoy the thrill of competition by getting on the court, playing a variety of styles and making new friends. Competing in Junior Tennis Tournaments will help kids determine their personal goals for tennis. With a range of levels from novice to national competition, tournament participation encourages player development and advancement. Visit TennisLink on the USTA website here.

10 and Under Training

Are you looking for more information regarding 10 and Under Tennis? Whether you are a tennis professional, parent, physical education teacher or coach, there is a training workshop that is right for you.